Jerry Gonzalez

Jerry Gonzalez

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First Name * Jerry
Last Name * Gonzalez
Username * Jerry3D
Country * USA
Languages English





Hey There, I am Jerry Gonzalez. I am more known as VvCompHelpvV online and Mvpdude808 online (Go ahead, Google me). I am a tutorial maker on YouTube. I make basic tutorials with my computer to post on YouTube. So far I have had huge success and currently am a YouTube partner, which means I get special features on YouTube and even get paid.

Just 3-4 years ago I totally fell in love with 3D animation and all that comes with it. I am currently pursuing an animation career. Although only a senior in high school at age 17, I have already started to get involved with anything animation. I am beginning to read Animaton blogs and books to learn the basic principles of animation. During my senior year I will be taking classes in college to begin my voyage to success. After High School I plan on taking Animation Mentor classes to further better myself in animation.

Am am stoked to find this forum site so early in my studies. I know I will learn a lot here.

--Jerry G.